Self-Employed Tax

We have extensive experience in providing a wide range of tax advice for self-employed individuals. We will use the skills and insights we have gained from our years in practice to advise and assist you in all areas of tax.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

Dealing with, and submitting information to HMRC can be daunting, and often individuals can submit errors completely unintentionally. Our team has years of experience and will be able to use their knowledge to ensure your return is not only accurate, but completed in the most tax efficient manner.

Claimable Expenses

Knowing what you can and cannot claim is often a grey area. We use industry benchmarking to ensure you are claiming all allowable expenses, while not overclaiming. Unlike many other firms our accountants do all their own analysis to ensure they know their clients inside out, and are minimising their tax liability.

Tax Health Check

Unsure if your previous or current accountant has completed your tax return correctly or as tax efficiently as possible? Completed your tax return yourself and would like a professional review? We offer full tax health checks to ensure your tax returns are submitted to HMRC error free.

Limited Company vs Umbrella

When starting up in business many people will advise you that you should be a sole trader, or you should open a limited company or you should operate under an umbrella company. Let our experts furnish you with accurate, timely, personalised advice to ensure you are making the correct decision for you and your business.


IR35 was introduced in April 2021 and will have an impact upon your business as it aims to ensure contractors are paying their tax correctly. Your obligations under IR35 differ depending on whether you work within the public or private sector. Let our experts guide you through this complex legislation to establish how your business will be affected by the IR35 legislation and what the best next steps are.