Tax Rebates

We have extensive experience in claiming tax rebates across a number of sectors. We will use the skills and insights we have gained to ensure you receive the maximum rebate you are entitled to.

Unlike many other providers, we work on a flat fee basis for rebates so we are not driven to include anything we believe would be a risk to your business, and all claims get our full care and attention.

Many individuals are eligible for tax rebates but do not realise it. You may be able to claim a tax rebate if you use your own money for things you must buy for your job and you are not reimbursed for these. This can include; clothing, mileage for driving, equipment, use of your home and many more expenses.

Service Personnel

We have ex-military personnel on our team who understand the stress and strain of deployments.  They aim to make the process of applying for a tax rebate as hassle free as possible. The process is completely online so no matter where you are in the world we can arrange your tax refund.

Construction Industry Scheme Workers (CIS)

We have a lot of experience in CIS tax rebates. We recognise that these can often make up a key part of a CIS worker’s income and therefore aim to finalise your rebate submission in 5 working days from when we receive all information required and clearance from HMRC.


Consultants often have a mixture of self-employed and employed income but can find themselves travelling and using their home a lot. We specialise in ensuring that you receive tax relief for those expenses not reimbursed by an employer.

Other Workers

Workers in many industries could claim a tax rebate but just don’t know it. If you wear a uniform you need to launder, if you travel between temporary work places and don’t get reimbursed, you could be eligible to claim.  If you do not know if you are eligible just get in touch: our friendly team will happily talk you through the process and help you claim the maximum you are entitled to.